'Broadwaysted' with Barrett Wilbert Weed Review

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A podcast with theatre chat and games – what more could you ask

Broadwaysted is a weekly podcast hosted by Bryan Plofsky, Kimberly Cooper Schmidt and Kevin Jaeger. Each week they bring on a Broadway actor to play games, drink alcohol, ask the guests questions and tell stories about Broadway. The weekly guests range from up-and-comers to people who have been on Broadway for years and have many credits. With more than 100 episodes out, you never know what kind of fun you will have from week to week.

On the latest podcast, they hosted Barrett Wilbert Weed who is currently playing the role of Janis in Mean Girls on Broadway. Weed gained popularity for portraying Veronica Sawyer in Heathers: the Musical.

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The podcast opens in the usual way, with the intro using references and puns from shows the guest has done. This intro was filled with references to Heathers the Musical.

In the next segment, they ask the group what have you seen this week or recently. One of the hosts Cooper reveals that she recently saw The Gentleman Caller. Plofsky talks about the fact that he recently saw Escape to Margaritaville.

Jaeger talks about how he had been following Weed’s career from the time she started in Bare: the Musical; on his second night in New York City he saw her perform as Nadia. He also watched her in Heathers: the Musical. A story is shared between the two of them about how he was right behind her going into the theater before he saw her in Found.

The first game they play is called Teen Slang or Something I’m Trying to Make Happen. This game uses index cards with terms; the players read the definition and then state if it is real or if Cooper invented them. Plofsky ends up winning the game after a lightning round with Weed.

Weed has played female roles who are not really portrayed in a manner that is not always deemed acceptable to society. She reveals that she really enjoys playing characters that are unexpected and that she would like to be a positive light for people that deal with similar things that her characters experience.

"Tuesdays in the Corner with Kevin" is when host Jaeger asks Weed three highly researched questions that he came up with thorough Wikipedia and watching Weed on YouTube. The first question is, by what lyrics would she like to be remembered by? Second, she is asked who would she like to have as her Ninja Turtles if she ever becomes April O’Neil. Third, she is asked what the movie of her high school life would be called and what is the basic plot line. (Listen to the podcast for Weed’s responses!)

Weed reveals her favorite musical is Sweeney Todd, her best experience seeing a show is Thoroughly Modern Millie, her first show was Beauty and the Beast, and that her death row show is the original cast of West Side Story.

The second game is High School Superlatives where they each pick a Lights of Broadway Show Card, and they match it to a superlative. Weed and Plofsky end up winning the game.

The last part of the podcast is a review on iTunes by ‘noelonthecoast’ using all of the songs from Heathers the Musical, which Weed reads.

Check out the full conversation on iTunes:

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