10 battle royale games for when you're over Fortnite

You're over Fortnite, but what game do you play next?

Gamers! I know from personal experience that when you finish a game or decide you're done with playing it, it can be an irritating situation. Now that one of your sources of entertainment is gone, what will you replace it with? What could possibly live up to what you were playing before? Or if you gave up in frustration or boredom, what could be good enough to make spending the money and the time worth it?

If you are asking yourself those questions, then I am here to help. Here is a list of Battle Royale games for when you're over Fortnite.

For the newbies, Battle Royale is a genre that blends the elements of a survival game with the playing style of a game where the last man standing wins, having beaten all other opponents.

Let us know in the comments if you've played any of these or if they've helped you get out of a post-Fortnite gaming slump!

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