TV Moms we'd want to have in real life for Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day and there are many important women and mothers in the world. These diverse types of mothers are often shown on television. With so many important TV moms, choosing even this group was difficult. The women on this list stood out above all of the other mothers on TV.

Mother’s Day celebrations began in the early 20th century. The first day on record was in 1908. A woman, Anna Jarvis, held a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a holiday in the U.S. She was successful. When she created Mother’s Day, she wanted it to be a singular possessive holiday because each family is celebrating their mother, not all mothers.

On TV, mothers are unique in their own ways. There are mothers with children with special needs. There are funny mothers. There are mothers that are not like their mothers. The mothers on the list aren’t just mothers on television shows on now. There are mothers from TV shows that have been canceled or have ended.

We felt picking a mother for the list needed criteria, so the mothers on this list love their children unconditionally and take care of them. They are also funniest or the most serious. The mothers make mistakes but stand by them. Most importantly, the children in the TV series look up to their mothers and know that they have a good mom.

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Lauren Wheeler & Angela Corry contributed to this story.

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