Texas teacher responds to Jake Paul's 'My Teachers' diss track

Teacher, Jake Paul, Video response

A teacher in Texas created his own rap in response to Jake Paul's newest music video.

Jake Paul posted a series of videos on YouTube after taking a small hiatus, one of them being a video targeted at his former school education titled "My Teachers."

The song features his friends and artists SUNNY & AT3, as well as an appearance from the controversial 9-year-old, Lil Tay.

Together, they question everything they learned in school and how it didn't help them become a billionaire. "My teachers never taught me that / how to deal with this or that / how to make my paper stack".

In response, Texas teacher and Twitter user @madouble created his own rap directed at Jake Paul.

He begins, "my students know I got they back / so don't be dissing me just cause your teacher was whack."

@madouble used this opportunity to remind Paul that he has a large platform and could be using his channel to educate others and it should be used in a responsible way.

Twitter went crazy over his response:

What are your thoughts?

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