Nick Crompton, COO of Jake Paul's Team 10 quits citing internal changes

Nick Crompton

After two years of being Team 10's COO, Nick Crompton has decided to depart from the team.

Nick Crompton gained his fame after recording his own line in Jake Paul's  "It's Everyday Bro" YouTube video.

On May 4, Crompton posted a letter to his fans on Twitter saying it was time to move on from Team 10.

"I figured I owed you an explanation as to why I made the decision to resign as Chief Operations Officer of Team 10," it begins. "I want everyone to know that the past two years of building Team 10 have been the best years of my life."

In the letter, the 23-year-old said he quit because of internal changes that he didn't support.

“Due to internal changes being made within our various businesses that I don’t agree with, I have resigned both as chief operations officer and as talent … the vision for the business, people involved, and direction it’s now going in no longer makes sense to me.”

In the past year Team 10 members, Alex Langethe Martinez Twins and Tessa Brooks have also resigned. After Crompton's departure, Team 10 took the opportunity to post a letter to their fans on Twitter on May 5.


What do you think of Crompton's withdrawal from Team 10?

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