'Star Wars' Day: 10 minor characters we can't forget from the movies

Today is May 4, which means that it is also Star Wars Day. While it would make more sense to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 25 to mark the anniversary of the first film’s release, we can’t let history get in the way of a good pun. We get to say “May The Fourth Be With You” all day!


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What makes Star Wars so great isn’t just the basic story of good vs. evil and finding a path to redemption. It’s the rich universe that is the backdrop for the grand Skywalker story. Ever since Ben Kenobi took Luke into the Mos Eisley Cantina, we have known that the Star Wars galaxy is filled with characters much more interesting than our main heroes.

Some of these minor characters have gone on to have followings of their own, even if they have no lines of dialogue. Think about it. Boba Fett is beloved around the world because he just looks cool. The only thing he says in Return of the Jedi is “AAHH” after a blind guy with a stick shoots off his jetpack.

Other fans (like myself) love pointing out the characters in the Cantina or Jabba’s palace. These characters all have names and even background stories, although most of that is no longer canon thanks to Disney’s decision to wipe out the Expanded Universe.

This list focuses exclusively on characters in the movies. And if I forget about some other cool characters, let me know.

Click next to see the list of minor Star Wars characters.

Originally published May 4, 2015

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