QUIZ - Actors you didn't know were on Broadway

...and Broadway stars you've seen in movies or on TV

You know the names of the Hollywood actors from all the movies they have been in, what you might not know is that these actors have also been on the stage.

Denzel Washington
Credit: Screen grab/Fences

Everyone from Denzel Washington to Andrew Garfield has been in plays and musicals. They might have less work on the stage, and this is why people might not know about the plays and musicals they have been in.

These actors have been in more movies or television, and so the body of work they have for that is greater. Other people you might know from their theatre work, but you might not know that you have heard their voices other places. You can find actors who have made a big career on the stage in other things that you watch that you might not even know they were in.

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of actors who you might not have known were in Broadway and Broadway actors that you might not have known were on TV shows or in films.

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