Madison Beer at The Paramount [Concert Review]

On May 19, Madison Beer strutted across the stage after a countdown clock slowly made its way from 30 seconds to zero.

The anticipation quickly built up amongst the predominantly young crowd tonight. “Madison, Madison, Madison” echoed throughout The Paramount in Long Island during those first few seconds.

Madison Beer began with one of her most popular songs, "Fools" from her debut EP As She Pleases. Everyone in the small, crowded area followed along to every beat and lyric.

The Long Island native wasn’t afraid of showing her emotions, especially since it was her first time performing to a hometown audience. Born and raised in Jericho, New York, she fully embraced her first time at The Paramount.

During Beer's cover of Labrinth’s "Jealous," Beer sat by the fans in the front row, stared into their eyes and let the tears flow down her cheeks. “Awws” ran from the front of the stage to the top of the balcony.

Before "Teenager In Love," she stepped to the side of the stage and showed a small clip. It finished with, “Long Island, I love you.” Madison held back tears as she walked back but smiled, adoring the fans looking back at her.
Madison Beer, Long Island, The Paramount

Madison Beer sure knows how to put on a show. The videos that accompanied each song were perfectly aligned. Most of the clips were her own music videos. For the songs "Say It To My Face," "All For Love," and "Dead," fans watched Madison periodically look back at her own videos, surprised by how far she’s come.

The most defining moment was when Madison stood on stage after performing her final song, "Dead" and welcomed each clap, heart-shaped hand and “I love you” with open arms. The love she has for her fans was evident at that moment.

Before Madison Beer appeared on stage, she had two opening acts: soulful Californian, Russo and Chicago singer-songwriter, Aleem. Their differing genres bought a unique sound to the night’s headliner.

It was a concert I’d definitely see again.

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