'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' (Game Review)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a new mobile game great for fans of Harry Potter and gaming.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Credit: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

This new game from Jam City and Portkey Games is a lot of fun to play, mainly because you have role-playing built into the game. The choices that you make seem to reflect the character as you can create a new story each time, I love this aspect.

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This game was released on April 25. At the time of this review, I am on level 6. Here are some initial thoughts from a Ravenclaw about this game:

The Good

The character creation. The basic startup character is all you need to get going, although you can buy additional features later.. I loved the fact that you can model the character as you like, including different hairstyles, hair colors and different eyes. Once you get to Hogwarts you can select the house for your character, and not have it chosen by the game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
Credit: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Another thing that you can create is a new story based on your choices, and the characters you befriend, a different take on a tale that could have happened at Hogwarts.
The graphics are very high quality for a mobile game. It has a very clear picture, and enhance an already amazing game.

Credit: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

One more thing to like about this game is the mechanics it starts as your typical tap-and-play game, but once you get to your wand and trace the pattern, you get another way to venture your way through Hogwarts.

The Challenging

One thing you need to know is your energy takes over an hour to fully recharge. Players that would like to finish the game quickly, need to spend money to gain energy faster. You start with 20 energy and as you move through each chapter completing tasks energy is used up. Players can wait to have energy added or buy it.

The missions are timed. Use your wizarding skills to complete the mission before time runs out, or you will lose points for your house.

Download the game from Google Play or iTunes today!

Do you plan to play the game? If you’re already playing what level are you on? Let us know below!

Harry Potter series 20th Anniversary covers from artist Brian Selznick

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