‘Gotham’ Season Finale recap: ‘A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land’


“The Dark Knight that your city needs….”

Selina is being rushed to the hospital after being shot by Jeremiah with Bruce by her side. Jeremiah is taunting the police. They are trying to find the other bombs. The mayor wants to lift the evacuation but Jim refuses. Jeremiah is demanding they bring him Bruce Wayne.

Dr. Strange makes his return! He is working on curing Butch. Penguin and Tabitha are close by. Lucius continues to warn about the bombs and they are trying to figure out Jeremiah’s next move. The mayor continues to complain about Jim but it doesn’t last long as they notice Ra’s Al Ghul standing outside. A bomb goes off, blowing up city hall and killing the mayor.

Jim is continuing to interrogate Jeremiah when he is called outside. Martial law has been declared and the military has moved in. Major Harding demands Bruce Wayne. Jim refuses and they have him arrested. It doesn’t last long as Riddler rescues Jim…then shoots him with the tranquilizer gun. Riddler has brought Jim here to torture and kill him. He wants to kill him so Leslie can finally be free of him. He continues the torture as Leslie finally shows up. She tells Jim that the woman he loved is gone. Jim acknowledges this and this makes Riddler happy. He tells Jim she chose him and tells Jim that he can have Gotham.   

Barbara is assembling her crew preparing to battle. She is visited by Ra’s Al Ghul. He is leaving Gotham for good and wants Barbara to come with him. They could rule The League of Shadows together. Bruce Wayne is reluctantly brought to GCPD where he has his normal conversation with Jeremiah. They taunt each other and Jeremiah says Bruce knows who the one person that showed him this new vision of Gotham. The lights quickly go out and they discover that Jeremiah and Bruce are both gone. This means it is time for Barbara and the crew to assemble to try and stop Jeremiah and Ra’s Al Ghul. 

The Leslie/Jim drama continues as she tells Jim she is leaving Gotham tonight. They keep revisiting their past and they both know they will always care for each other. They share another kiss and go their separate ways. Jeremiah has taken Bruce to Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s tells him that Jeremiah’s bombs are being put in place and they can observe Gotham’s destruction and the future vision of the city. They are creating a legacy. 

They are observing the legacy but are quickly joined by Barbara, Penguin, Tabitha and the rest of her crew. A battle quickly breaks out and the fighting has begun. Jim also realizes that Jeremiah is probably targeting the bridges all over the city. The fight rages on as Jeremiah is preparing to kill Tabitha. Penguin shoots him. Barbara grabs Bruce and uses him to finally stab Ra’s. It seems that they have finally ended Ra’s once and for all. It is at this moment we hear the explosions and all of the bridges around Gotham collapse. In his dying moments….Ra’s tells Bruce to become “Gotham’s Dark Knight.”

Riddler has a confrontation with Leslie. He knows she isn’t leaving and that she will always care for Jim. This prompts him to prepare to kill her but she stabs him first. He is shocked, but quickly turns the tables and stabs her in the chest. They share a passionate moment as they both fall to the ground.

Penguin and Tabitha return to Dr. Strange and find that Butch has been completely cured. A happy moment that doesn’t last long. Penguin apologizes then shoots Butch in the chest. He then shoots Tabitha in the leg. He tells her he hasn’t forgotten that they killed his mother. He wants her to suffer more before he kills her.

The city is left in darkness. Bruce wants Alfred to go with Selina to make sure she is ok. Alfred promises to come back for Bruce. Bruce says he is making Gotham his responsibility. All of the villains are marking their territory throughout Gotham including Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Scarecrow. We also notice that Dr. Strange now has the bodies of Leslie and Riddler at his disposable. I wonder what his next move is going to be…

Ra’s Al Ghul’s former followers commit themselves to Barbara. An injured Tabitha tells Barbara what Penguin has done. Barbara says it is time for Gotham to be a “men free zone.” They kill all of the men and we notice a sign outside the building with a “SIRENS” reference. Awesome.

Jim, Bullock and Lucius aren’t leaving the city. They are going to stay and fight. Jim shines a bright light in the sky. He is basically challenging anyone to fight him. He gets a visit from Bruce. Bruce tells him he is staying to fight. Madness is all over the city. They both know it will be a long fight. Jim tells Bruce that even though the world may seem dark…there is a light coming in the future….. 

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX. 

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