‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse’

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“Progress requires sacrifice….”

On this week's Gotham, Jerome’s followers are still having a tough time accepting that he is gone. They are mourning at his grave when someone wearing a white mask (I call the masked clown) shows up and plays Jerome’s voice. He commands them to dig him up. He has a plan.

Jim is preparing to interrogate Leslie but she won’t tell him where The Riddler is. They argue back and forth like old times but Bullock interrupts with a video message from Jerome. The Last Will and Testament of Jerome Valeska reveals that he wants Jim to throw him a wake at the GCPD. This is obviously a diversion as they notice that many of his followers surround the GCPD and prepare to come inside.

Jim has a plan to allow the followers inside and trap them inside and take them out with tear gas. He calls Alfred to check on Bruce and Alfred tells him he is meeting with Jeremiah Valeska. Jim knows that this distraction at GCPD has to be drawing their attention from something else. Alfred is about to go meet up with Bruce when he walks into a fight inside Wayne Manor. Who is attacking Alfred?

Bruce goes to meet with Jeremiah at his bunker. They discuss the generators he has been building using the funding from Wayne Enterprises. Jeremiah (who Bruce doesn’t know has been infected with the insanity gas) seems to be slowly unraveling. The paranoia about his late brother seems to be getting to him. Bruce wants to take Jeremiah to Jerome’s grave to prove to him that Jerome is dead.   

The Riddler is preparing to go rescue Leslie from GCPD. GCPD seems to be the place to be during tonight’s episode. Jerome’s followers finally get inside and the chaos ensues. Jim and the officers fall back outside. Jim and Bullock continue to try and find out what Jerome’s master plan was. He finds out that Bruce and Jeremiah could be in danger. Jim goes out to the bunker while Bullock handles duties at GCPD.

Butch is very upset that they were outsmarted by The Riddler. Penguin tells him that they are just facing a minor setback but that if they are patient, someone will show their cards and they can make their next move. Penguin tells him that this type of chaos is good for them. It was a low-key episode for these two. It seems they are just buying their time right now. 

Bruce still can’t reach Alfred as he and Jeremiah arrive at Jerome’s grave. They are horrified to find out that Jerome has been dug up. Bruce finally catches up with Jeremiah after he runs off and Jeremiah’s paranoia continues as he actually thinks Bruce is Jerome. Jim arrives at the bunker looking for them and comes across the generator. He also notices the TV click on and yet it’s another message from Jerome.    

It is time to figure out Jerome’s master plan. It takes a twist as Jeremiah is walking Bruce to the grave. Bruce tries to convince Jeremiah that Jerome’s followers are just trying to torment him. Bruce then finds out that Jeremiah was infected by the insanity gas but the damage was just cosmetic. He seems to have completely accepted the madness and tells Bruce he is going to do things even better than Jerome.

“Jerome wanted a madhouse, I want to reshape this city.”

Bruce is horrified by this realization that Jeremiah is a more calculated crazy than Jerome. Jim is also receiving the news at the same time when he is attacked by the masked clown (who turns out to be Echo, Jeremiah’s sidekick). The video of Jerome is actually revealed to be Jeremiah who did the entire thing to convince the followers of Jerome to do his bidding. Jeremiah was behind this entire plan. Genius. We also hear the generator start clicking and it seems an explosion is very likely. Jim is doing his best to escape the bunker.

The party is still raging at GCPD as Riddler sneaks in wearing a costume. He is confronted by Leslie and the two of them sneak out. The romance continues to blossom between these two. They escape the party right about the time Bullock sends in the tear gas to officially end the party. They also notice the massive explosion that comes from Jeremiah’s bunker. Bullock is concerned when Lucius tells him that is where it came from. He knew Jim was going out there looking for Bruce.   

Jeremiah “thanks” Bruce for helping him since the money he donated helped him build the generators. He knocks out Bruce and tosses him in the grave with Jerome’s body. Jeremiah goes to Wayne Enterprises with Echo and walks into a room that is nothing but these powerful generators he has been building.

“It’s time to give Gotham its new face….” 

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX. 

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