‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: One Bad Day’

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“Every artist needs a blank canvas….”

Gotham always seems to have some chaos happening. It is at an all-time high right now.

Jim and Bruce Wayne are missing. Jeremiah is on the loose. Bullock is trying to assemble all of the GCPD’s resources when he finds out Jeremiah and his followers are right outside. Jeremiah warns Bullock that he will destroy the city in six hours. They should evacuate. He proves he is not bluffing by blowing up Gotham Clocktower.   

Penguin and Butch go to visit Barbara and her crew. He informs them of Jeremiah’s plan and he proposes a temporary alliance. They can cure Butch, save the city and become rich. Barbara reluctantly agrees to this alliance. Bullock is pleading with the mayor to evacuate the city. Bruce Wayne shows up and feeling guilty, wants to help. Bruce does get a call from Jeremiah. He wants Bruce to meet him at a location if he wants to save Alfred. Bruce and Selina arrive at this warehouse. They both sneak inside and Bruce is horrified to see a video of Alfred being tortured.

We all knew Jim survived the explosion. He wakes up confused to see Leslie. She tells him Riddler’s people followed him and brought him to The Narrows. She also wants to save the city. They aren’t going to let him leave. Riddler isn’t ok with the idea of Leslie wanting to help Jim. She wants to save the city. Riddler reluctantly agrees to help. It’s been a while since we have had a love triangle in Gotham.   

Jeremiah is satisfied with how is plan is going so far. He is confronted by Penguin, Butch, Barbara and Tabitha. They propose a deal. They want $50 million dollars. Jeremiah agrees but obviously isn’t going to honor the deal. He then causes a scene and a quick shootout breaks out. Penguin and his crew take out Jeremiah’s men.

The evacuation of the city is underway as Lucius and Bullock are scrambling to try and figure out a way to stop the bombs. Lucius suggests that if they find the core relay or the “brain” that controls the bomb, they can prevent the destruction. Penguin calls Bullock and warns him that Jeremiah is going to blow up the bombs when he is out of range. Lucius then realizes that Jeremiah might have the bombs on a backup system. If they can disable one of the bombs in the sequence, it will prevent any explosions.   

Jim goes to meet with Riddler and the two spend a bit of time bickering about Leslie and their relationships with her. Jim wants to stop Jeremiah. The figure out the plans that Jim stole from Jeremiah. They are looking at the buildings he wants to blow up. Jeremiah is trying to create his real-life maze. Jim then finds his moment to escape by punching out Riddler. 

Bruce is continuing his psychological maze looking for Alfred. He is haunted by visions of Alfred being tortured. It is meeting with Bruce. The toxins are following through the building. Selina is also watching what is happening as she is attacked by Scarecrow. She is able to fight him off but warns that Bruce’s madness is only just beginning. Bruce finds Alfred who is laughing uncontrollably. He starts cutting his face and then attacks Bruce. Selina then shuts off the gas. Bruce fights off Alfred before he is shot in the head. Bruce is horrified but then greatly relieved when he finds out the hallucination gas was messing with him and that Alfred is alive and well. That was truly one of the more creepy and intense scenes of the season.

The tension continues to rise as Bullock finds the first bomb spot and is trying to figure out how to disarm it. Jeremiah is giving his victory speech at his bunker and is preparing for a new day in Gotham City. Jim comes across the TV and calls out Jeremiah. He tells him that he failed because he is still alive. The followers begin to doubt Jeremiah. Bullock isn't sure which breaker he needs to switch off. He switches off the correct one right as Jeremiah hits the button. The followers continue to doubt him so Jeremiah locks them in the bunker and burns them all alive.   

Penguin/Butch/Barbara/Tabitha are regrouping at the bar. Penguin reveals that he knows where Dr. Strange is. Butch wants to be cured. Tabitha promises she can be very convincing. GCPD gives Bullock a standing ovation for a job well done. Jim goes to thank Leslie. The drama between them continues and we find out Riddler was listening to the conversation. It seems that the drama between them will continue.

Jeremiah is stumped about how Jim foiled his plan. He gets a visit from Ra’s Al Ghul. He tells Jeremiah this isn’t just about Gotham…it’s about Bruce Wayne. Bruce, Alfred and Selina return to Wayne Manor. Bruce and Selina share an intimate kiss and Bruce was afraid Jeremiah was going to try and bring out his insanity. Jeremiah then surprises them. He shoots Selina in the stomach. Bruce is horrified and goes to help her as Alfred grabs Jeremiah and starts beating him. Bruce is doing his best to stop the bleeding as Selina is in pain…..

The season finale of Gotham next week is going to be intense!   

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX. 

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