Experimental alt artist luliano drops "Who Knows," first single off new album

"Who Knows" Single Cover, luliano

Experimental alternative artist luliano circumvents the ordinary with modern compositions that are complemented with unique electronica arrangements and intricate harmonies.

With the release of the single, “Who Knows,” the first single to be dropped from his forthcoming EP, Hidden Root, which is due out this year, luliano plans to introduce to the world his tenacity for procuring the hidden gems that may lie, waiting to surprise you in the most commonplace circumstances.  Hidden Root started out as a testament to represent luliano as an artist and as a person.  luliano wanted something to embody fully who he was in case anything were to happen to him.

On “Who Knows,” the great pop melody builds and heightens in suspense along with the soaring electronica as luliano fully enlists his falsetto vocals.  The single is filled with pressing electric guitar melodies even though luliano has professed that it is not an instrument he is all that familiar with.

luliano explains:  “The inspiration came from playing the guitar, an instrument which I cannot play.  It was a way to get rid of the cliché and the learned rules and let the years rule instead.  All of this, placed in a context where the original melodic idea is often a way to take the listener, momentarily or permanently, to a different scenario in, sort of, what I call a ‘minimal progressive’.”

luliano readily transports us into the subliminal with his extraordinary experimental format of music, a cadence that fulfills with its air for the ethereal and soaring.  The vocals, executed in layers of hushed sensibilities, are accompanied by a wave of guitars and electronic embellishments.

The haunting vibe that is elicited balances a highly electronic-based sound with a lush soundscape of acoustic instrumentation as well as one saturated in electro elements.

The MV itself features the artist’s duplicated image progressively going on to encompass the lyrics that talks about the evolution of oneself as one evolves over and over again to at last return to one’s former identity along the way.

With the manifestation of Hidden Roots, luliano is ready to put his role of producer to use and implement his engineering and arranging talents into his solo work.

Hidden Roots also personifies luliano’s abilities, touching base with his proximity as an artist as well as his limits.  He notes, “It’s the sound that I’ve heard my whole life, together in one place.  Everyone has a limit – sometimes the wrong side of the limit keeps you from making music, but if you can go around it, it becomes a point of power.  You can express yourself through your limits.  It makes you different from other artist and it becomes your point of strength.”

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