Chrissy Teigen announces baby boy's arrival on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome baby boy!

With a simple tweet, Chrissy Teigen revealed her second bundle of joy was born.

"Somebody’s herrrrrrre! ????" she wrote, including baby bottles for those who might not know what she was speaking about.

Teigen and John Legend haven’t shared their son’s name, birth details or photo just yet but he's now part of the growing family as the couple's second child and Luna Simone's younger brother.

According to People magazine, Teigen spent her days doing something she wasn't very eager to do before: baking.

She spent her days leading up to the birth in a happy space and by being her humorous self.

Last month, Teigen shared a baby shower picture on Instagram where she appeared very excited to welcome her newest child.

I am crazy super anti baby showers for myself. Opening gifts in front of people makes me want to die. Receiving gifts makes me very uncomfortable because i feel blessed to the max already and I really hate writing thank you cards with my poor penmanship. But people I love trick me with dinner invites and they happen. Thank you to all friends on both coasts, for knowing me exactly. A mellow night of dinner. Cake. And love. That is all I could ever want for a perfect night. ❤❤❤ thank you insanely generous @krisjenner for opening up your home and getting me every carrot cake in the city and @jenatkinhair for knowing exactly how to lure me out of my home and exactly how to make me happy. ALL LOVE!

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Amidst the joy of bringing in her newborn, Teigen received some supportive and hilarious reactions:

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin welcomed their newborn son this week too!


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