Chris Hemsworth and family dance around to Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'

Chris Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus

Chris Hemsworth, also known for playing the classic Thor with his roguish god-like charm was being the best hero of them all on Wed., May 23; Super Dad.

Hemsworth, who is now 34, tweeted a clip of himself and his adorable children having a blast to Miley Cyrus hit Wrecking Ball! Certainly, his kids were enjoying a good time!

Avengers: Infinity War is now taking to the big screen so Hemsworth has at least a little downtime to enjoy with his family. In the video are his daughter India who is 6 and his twin sons Sasha and Tristen who are 4 and of course, the family dog is included. Most likely (his wife), Elsa Pataky, is laughing in the background.

It's no surprise, Hemsworth’s video has at the moment over 30,000 retweets, 100,000 likes and has over 1 million views. Miley Cyrus replied with three hearts!

As to the deeper meaning of Chris Hemsworth posting the video, who truly knows but Miley Cyrus wrote Wrecking Ball and released it in 2014, and supposedly it is said it is about Liam Hemsworth.

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, who was in Independence Day: Resurgence, had met in 2009 during their work in The Last Song, became engaged in 2012 and after a year split in 2013. They have as of 2016 rekindled their engagement and are soon to be married.

Cyrus has denied Wrecking Ball is about Liam, although this won't stop fans from pondering about the reason why Chris Hemsworth posted the video, according to US Magazine.

As we have previously reported, Chris Hemsworth is A-OK with his brother's decision to re-engage Miley Cyrus, so the video can also be seen as just a dad having fun with his kids, and could be using the song for kicks. After all, is it appropriate to throw publicly sly insults to a future sister-in-law? Hopefully, Hemsworth is not like that.

And if you watch the whole video you'll see who gets attacked by the dog! Certainly, it is a slice of everyday life to watch!

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