Adam Lambert praises Kelly Clarkson for her Billboard Music Awards performance

Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Whole Lotta Woman, Billboard Music Awards

Adam Lambert has given his due to Kelly Clarkson,  the original "American Idol," tweeting his praise for her!

Kelly Clarkson hosted the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in style, including an invigorating performance which got the thumbs up from another American Idol alumnus!

Both Clarkson and Lambert have had blooming careers since their first appearances on American Idol, and they both seem to be the ones most remembered.

Kelly Clarkson set audiences on fire at the Billboard Music Awards with her performance of Whole Lotta Woman, her new single which is an energetic soulful romp, nailing the vocals on key, which is why Lambert mentioned it.

As a refresher, Kelly Clarkson had won the first American Idol in 2002 against tough competition.

From then on she has released eight studio albums, according to Ranker, with her most recent one being Meaning of Life in 2017.

Clarkson's single A Moment Like This, her first, went from No. 52 and leaped to No. 1 on the Billboard charts. In fact, she broke Billboards biggest jump in charts record twice with that single and in 2009 with My Life Would Suck Without YouBreakaway, Clarkson's second album earned two Grammy Awards. From there the rest has been groundbreaking top talent performances, according to

Kelly Clarkson responded to Adam Lambert in kind, giving the frontman for the revitalized Queen his own due.

Adam Lambert had been on Season 8 of American Idol, finishing in second which has not affected his career at all. He is one of the biggest breakouts of the show (including Kelly Clarkson). Lambert has been Grammy-nominated, he is worth an estimated $16 million and has a No. 1 album while working with the legendary Queen and aptly filling in the shoes of Freddy Mercury, according to Access Online.

On top of Clarkson's stunning performance of her new single, she hosted splendidly and worked with other talents including the collaboration by Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato with their duet Fall In Line, and also there were performances by Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. Also important was her moment of silence for the events which happened in Sante Fe. In short Clarkson not only hosted terrifically but appropriately.

Just another reason why it was appropriate for Lambert to give her his praise!

Both former American Idol contestants certainly have been doing well, and it would be of no surprise to see them work together in the future, a possible prospect both could seemingly entertain.

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