Universal is working on another 'Doom' movie


Because the first one went over SO well...

Remember Doom? That 2005 movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike that almost everyone hated? Yeah, apparently we’re doing that again.

Based on the video-game of the same name, Universal has announced that they’re going to take another crack at adapting it into a feature film.

Actress Nina Bergman is already signed on, as she took to Twitter to tell everyone.

“Wow, I’m doing the next Doom movie with Universal Pictures! I just signed all the paperwork. I get to go back to Bulgaria again and work with some of my favorite people. This movie with a super cool director AND my new record coming out, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she said.

Who that director actually is hasn’t yet been announced, meaning this movie really seems like it’s flying by the seat of its pants.

Only there to confirm this news is the fact this movie may or may not be heading straight to DVD. An NBC/Universal spokesperson told Variety that Doom is being handled by Universal 1440 Entertainment — a company that typically makes non-theatrical productions. Lately, they’ve worked on elongated sequels to Tremors and Death Race, none of which most people bothered to ever see.

So, in short, this thing might not ever see the light of day. No one is ever really calling for a Doom movie, given the first one’s reputation and the fact that there hasn’t really been a film to break the video-game adaptation curse (sorry, Rampage didn’t really do it for me).

The game, however, received a soft reboot in 2016 and received positive reviews.

More importantly (and pretty unrelated), the Doom account sent out this tweet to Dwayne Johnson after the release of Rampage, and I laughed out loud.

Do you want a new Doom movie? Would you actually go see it in theaters or does it belong in the $5 bin at Walmart? Let us know in the comments below!

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