'The Adventure Zone' podcast announces season 2

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty will become a full season instead of just a mini-arc.

The Adventure Zone started by three brothers and their father playing Dungeons & Dragons, attracted a large following very quickly. Across several campaigns within the game D&D, they told stories with enthusiasm, heart, emotion, wit and cleverness. This is a story-based podcast in which they create vivid characters for the listener, right down to the personalities and the voices.

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The Adventure Zone features Travis, Justin, Griffin and their dad Clint McElroy, all joining forces to tell one cohesive story. Each man takes one or more main characters, and whoever created the base plot of the story usually plays all of the other characters you hear in the podcast.

The second season of the show will continue a five-episode story, and a setup episode that they played in between seasons, to find out what they would be doing next. The podcast will follow the adventures of Duck Newton played by J McElroy, Aubrey Little who is played by T McElroy, and Edmund “Ned” Chicane played by C McElroy. G McElroy, who created the base story, will play various other characters.

The game they will be playing is the action horror “Role Playing Game Monster Of The Week”. The game released in early 2015, is a stand-alone adventure meant for 3-5 players. The purpose of the game within podcast story is to create characters who go after the monsters.

Our heroes in the story were hired to investigate the strange events that have been going on in Kepler, West Virginia. During these adventures in the mini-arc the team: met Bigfoot, nearly burnt down a hotel and discovered another world. With more episodes to come within this universe, who knows what could happen and who knows what other monsters the heroes might need to challenge.

New episodes will come out on Thurs., April 12, and is expected to be released bi-weekly until the campaign is finished. They are released for Maximum Fun, iTunes, Spotify or your favorite podcast player. All of these services also have the first episodes of the story.

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