‘The Adventure Zone: Amnesty – Episode 6’ recap

‘The Adventure Zone: Amnesty – Episode 6’ is back and better than ever for an entire season of monsters.

Adventure Backstory:

The Adventure Zone started as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast hosted by three brothers and their father. Travis McElroy, Justin McElroy, Griffin “G” McElroy, and their father Clint McElroy, gather for this bi-weekly podcast.

For season two of the show, they will be playing the game Monster of the Week, and the plot they will be following is Amnesty.

The original story was a mini-arc that they used in between seasons, to find out what they would be doing next.

The podcast features three main characters: Duck Newton voiced by J McElroy, Aubrey Little voiced by T McElroy and Edmond “Ned” Chicane voiced by C McElroy. Main plot creator, G McElroy, plays the other characters you will hear on the podcast.

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Current Arc:

This episode of the podcast opens with main story creator G McElroy, monologuing about high school student Calvin Owens, who is a swimmer in training mysteriously taken underwater. G does a great job painting an image of what is happening in the story; you feel like you’re watching it with your own eyes.

Once the episode gets rolling, we catch up with our heroes, Aubrey, Duck, and Ned: Aubrey and Dani are looking for ramps in the woods when Aubrey asks Dani about the Sylvain’s and their way of life. As you listen, you find out more about Dani and her vampire people. Well, they’re only called vampires by the humans; Dani does not call herself a vampire.

We find out what Duck has been doing in the two months since we have seen him. Minerva, a female vision that was in the last episode, is still around, helping Duck train to get better with his skills. We jump in on a training session between Duck and Minerva. In this session, Duck hits Minerva with his sword for the first time; she is very impressed.

Ned shot a video of a bobcat fighting with Barclay, a cook at the Amnesty lodge, who also happens to be Bigfoot. In his scene, Ned and Barclay decide they are going to film a weekly monster TV show, seeing as their town, Kepler, West Virginia, is in a quiet zone, which means they don’t have much radio or television entertainment. Luckily, their show was granted the OK by the local radio station.

Duck, Aubrey and Ned go back to the Amnesty lodge, where Calvin (the drowning swimmer) fills them in on the monster that attacked him in the pool. Calvin seems like he is confused. As this world of monsters is very new to him, he reveals what happened and asks if the team can help him. Ned tells Calvin about what the team does, without revealing too much information, and because of a dice roll within the game, Calvin believes what they say.

Barclay says that the heroes must go and investigate the water monster, however, no one on the team has any skills that they can use to fight water. The team, Ned specifically, is not allowed to tell any more humans about the monsters. The episode ends with an FBI agent wanting to speak to Ned about his BigFoot video.

Your turn:

If you missed this week’s episode, take 3 hit points (HP) to your intelligence trait... Gain 2 experience points (XP) and check it out on Maximum Fun, iTunes, or on your favorite podcast player. And don’t forget to share your favorite DnD adventures in the comments section!

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