Tammy Duckworth becomes first Senator to have birth while in office

Tammy Duckworth (Democrat-Illinois) welcomed Maile Pearl Duckworth to her family Monday morning.

Her miracle also made history as she became the first woman to give birth while in the Senate. Only 10 women have given birth while serving on the House of Representatives, Duckworth being one of them in 2014.

Tammy Duckworth welcomed her second child with husband, Bryan Bowlsbey. On November 18, 2014, Tammy gave birth to her first daughter Abigail while she served in the House.

Duckworth gave a statement following the birth of Maile at 7:07 AM in Arlington, Virginia.

"Bryan, Abigail and I couldn’t be happier to welcome little Maile Pearl as the newest addition to our family and we’re deeply honored that our good friend Senator Akaka was able to bless her name for us — his help in naming both of our daughters means he will always be with us...We’re also so grateful for the love and support of our friends and family, as well as our wonderful medical teams for everything they’ve done to help us in our decades-long journey to complete our family.”

Duckworth said she had a troubling time with her second pregnancy, especially following her experience as a Vet in Iraq. In 2004, Duckworth lost her legs and shattered her right arm when her Black Hawk helicopter was shot down.

Duckworth will remain close to Washington in case there is a close vote and she is needed. Currently, children are not allowed on the Senate floor, so Maile will not be able to attend sessions.

According to a report, before she gave birth, Tammy Duckworth was still working, weighing in on the scrutiny of Scott Pruitt, saying the EPA violated the law.

Cindy Hyde-Smith was just sworn into the Senate on Monday, making that a total of 23 women in the Senate, a record.

Many took to Twitter to congratulate Tammy on her new arrival.

Congratulations Tammy Duckworth and welcome to the world, Maile!

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