Spider-Man game release date and details announced

Spiderman PS4

Swinging to a console near you this fall

Marvel's Spider-Man game will be released on September 7 on PS4. Pre-orders are now available to purchase.

Along with the release date information, the game's developer Insomniac Games also revealed details about the game. In a new issue of Game Informer, the Creative Director of the game, Bryan Intihar, sat down and discussed the opening of the game and other story details.

The story of the game takes place of several weeks, even though the actual story is not confirmed as of yet. Instead, Intihar hinted at details through other elements of the development of the game. Mary Jane is a playable character in the game, also being an important part of the story.

Mr. Negative and Kingpin are the main villains of the game, confirmed earlier this year. But, in gameplay released, a few other famous villains were hinted at. Shocker, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture have some sort of presence in New York City.

Speaking of the city, the developers spent a lot of time building a realistic New York City. In addition to the real landmarks, Spider-Man will include famous Marvel landmarks including Avengers Tower, Sanctum Sanctorum, and Wakanda Embassy. Maybe we will see Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Black Panther appear in some sort of cameo in the game.

Spider-Man features plenty of side quests. There are quests looking for bombs and backpacks spread out throughout the city. The web-slinging superhero can also interact with the citizens of New York, taking selfies or high-fiving them.

As a last note, the game will not feature the death of Uncle Ben like we've seen in so many versions of Spider-Man. Intihar's response when asked if there would be the origin: "Hell no."

Are you excited for the new Spider-Man game?

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