New Snapchat update features group video chat and friend tagging

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Snapchat continues to change

Snapchat plans on releasing new updates to its platform this week, including video calls between groups and friend tagging in your Stories.

To utilize the new tagging feature called "Mentions," simply type "@," begin to spell out your friend's username and their name will appear. Once they're tagged, anyone viewing the story can see your friend's profile by swiping up, where they can add them or view their public stories. The person who is tagged will also be notified through the chat between the two users.

The tagging of friends is similar to Instagram's implementation of tagging. Instagram introduced a section similar to Snapchat where users can post temporary stories to display to followers. Instagram admittedly used a lot of techniques that Snapchat originated, but this will be the first time that Snapchat is picking something up from Instagram.

The new chat feature will let up to 16 users connect via video. More can join, though, as up to 32 users can be in an audio-only chat. Back in 2016, Snapchat introduced video calling between two people.

To call multiple friends via video chat, enter an existing group chat on Snapchat. Tap the red video icon and your friends will be notified of the call. You can see who entered the call above the keyboard, and friends can use Snapchat's signature lenses while they talk. Users also have the option of turning off the video and just using their microphone.

These new features come on top of the recent complete UI overhaul of Snapchat, which has been met with animosity from some celebrities. Kylie Jenner dropping the app caused Snap Inc.'s market share to crash by $1.3 billion last month.

If you plan to use Snapchat's new features, let us know in the comments below! 

Snapchat update is (unfortunately) here to stay, according to CEO Evan Spiegel

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