Shaggy and Sting to split after releasing new album 44/876

Sting, Shaggy

This bromance is over.

Sting and Shaggy are breaking away from each other, and say they don't want to work with each other again after the April 20 release of their new album 44/876.

Sting and Shaggy performed together early in 2018, and even performed for the Queen’s 92nd birthday Sat., April, 21. But now they're done with all that.

On the talk show, Loose Women the unlikely pair were asked if they wanted to work together again in the future. They both replied "No."

Shaggy then said, ‘It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it – it’s just that the element of surprise has gone, and that’s what really grabbed everybody. It’s like carrying a child, and finally, the child is out – and we’ve been looking at the ultrasound the whole time and saying “it’s pretty good”. But now it’s out we’re like “wow – now it’s time for diaper changes!,” according to Metro.

The album was named after the area codes they hail from for England and Jamaica. The album fuses both their reggae and rock talents but it isn't the first time they have performed together.

An interview with People Sting retells how Shaggy once crashed his set, “He was on my stage, uninvited, just turned up, popped up, sang ‘Roxanne’ with me and then disappeared,”

Shaggy replied, “He’s an iconic guy. Who wouldn’t want to be up there?”

Of the collab album produced they both respected each other, saying the album is meant to veer listeners from the negativity in the world we live in when asked what the inspiration for 44/876 was.

Sting, 66, said, "It’s a lot of sunshine on this record. I think we need sunshine at the moment. It’s a lot of darkness around us politically and whatever. So this record is like springtime, saying things are going to get better, morning is coming."

Shaggy, 49, added, "We wanted it to be timeless. He’s no stranger to making timeless music. I’m no stranger to making timeless music. We connected on that, on many things," according to People.

The collab is what they wanted to say after they found inspiration from each other. Now that they have assembled their creative piece, they both recognize for a variety of reasons (which are not mentioned) that a collab in the future is not what they want to do with their time.

44/876 came out Fri., April, 20 and is available now. Check out the hot single from the album and tell us below if you're into their sound!


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