Scotty Sire: Shorty Awards finalist for Vlogger of the Year 2018

Scotty Sire got to the finals, first taking to Vine, becoming a big hit with his six-second hilarious skits, and from there he went to YouTube. He is considered the king of the comic vlog, and that's why he just might be Vlogger of the Year!

Scotty Sire
Credit: Scotty Sire

In 2017, his satirical songs and viral vlogs almost tripled his number of subscribers, crossing the 1,000,000 in April and ending 2017 with over 1.7 million. As of now, Scotty's YoutTube Channel has over 1,870,000 subscribers with over 300 videos!

Scotty Sire is also known for being a team player, collaborating with many other popular YouTubers, to name a few, like David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, and his girlfriend Kristen McAtee.

The songs he wrights in coordination with YouTube’s beatmaker 80Fitz are often sarcastically about being sad, which is why Scotty Sire makes his audiences laugh. Although this isn't the only reason the songs are popular since they're produced really well, like The Sad Song or Lonely Christmas.

Meanwhile, the vlogs are both chill and just plain silly!

Good Luck to you Scotty Sire! Click next to check out his vlogs!

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