New 'Venom' trailer shows first close-up look at Marvel's anti-hero

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We are Venom.

It's finally here: our first official good look at Tom Hardy's Venom in the upcoming Venom Sony movie.

If fans were turned off from the last trailer (specifically for the distinct lack of Venom himself) hopefully this trailer makes up for it. The writing and action still look questionable, though.

In the trailer, we get some more glimpses of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, as well as Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams and a previously unseen character played by Jenny Slate.

Venom still has a lot of questions surrounding it. The biggest of which is, how does this connect to Tom Holland's Spider-man? Apparently, this movie will exist in "Sony's Marvel Universe" and will have no direct ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe we know and love.

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The whole point of Venom's powers in the comics, though, is that Spider-man initially had the alien symbiote suit. The suit "remembered" those powers when they attached to Eddie Brock, explaining why Venom is so close to Spider-man.

It goes without saying that if this iteration of Venom never interacts with Spider-man, most people will be disappointed.

Let's hope the movie's great cast makes up for it, though.

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