Meghan Markle is getting a cannabis strain named after her

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Time to get royally high.

Plan to celebrate the royal wedding but you don't drink? Well, now you can get high off of a royal-themed Meghan Markle strain of marijuana called 'Markle's Sparkle.'

Markle's Sparkle is being produced in Oregon by Tyler Dooley, the son of the soon-to-be princess' half-brother on her father's side.

Dooley is not only producing the single strain but also runs a massive cannabis farm in Grant's Pass, Oregon. The land generates millions of dollars worth of marijuana and Dooley considers himself a 'pioneer' of the industry.

While the drug is unfortunately still illegal in the United Kingdom, Dooley remains an active supporter in the states.

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"We are passionate about marijuana and all of the good things it brings," he said to The Daily Mail.

If he were caught overseas with even a fraction of what he owns, he would be incarcerated for years. If his aunt and Prince Harry ever planned a visit, though, he says he'd be happy to show them around.

"Prince Harry enjoys a good party. I’d be happy to show them around if they ever come out here and educate them on the medicinal benefits of marijuana which helps everything from post-traumatic stress syndrome to insomnia to pain in cancer patients," he says.

Interested in what Markle's Sparkle is like? Lets us know in the comments below!

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