‘Gotham’ recap: ‘A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond’

GOTHAM, A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond, Morena Baccarin, Cory Michael Smith

“You have no idea what I’ll become…”

The Demon’s Head and The League of Shadows drama are at an all-time high in Gotham right now. Barbara is still trying to figure out the secret to embracing her true powers. Tabitha meets up with Bruce and Selina to try and have some help in taking the Demon’s Head back from Barbara. A quick double cross and they use Bruce’s blood and a quick spell to bring zombie Ra’s Al Ghul back from the dead. 

Leslie and Riddler are enjoying the successful robbing of five banks. Leslie is happy to have money to support The Narrows when they are greeted by old friends Penguin and Butch. Penguin claims that he made both of them and wants them to pay their debts. Leslie denies and kicks them out. Penguin warns Riddler that Leslie is just using her. It almost seems that Riddler might believe him. 

Ra’s Al Ghul is back and upset that Barbara doesn’t deserve the Demon’s Head and she doesn’t understand about The League of Shadows. He says Barbara will give him back the Demon’s Head or he will kill her. He goes to confront Barbara and of course, she doesn’t want to give the power back. Ra’s plays some mind games with her but Barbara’s followers quickly distract him. This gives Barbara enough time to escape by jumping in Bruce’s awesome new car.   

Jim and Bullock are wondering who is behind the recent bank robberies. He feels like this is something Riddler might be behind. He goes to The Narrows and has a quick chat with Leslie. Leslie covers for Riddler, says she knows nothing about it. Jim tries to reason with her but she brushes him off. Still something between these two. I don’t think we have seen the last of this relationship. 

Bruce/Barbara continue to argue about who should be the one to kill Ra’s. Bruce claims it is part of the ritual and he must do it. Barbara says she is the Demon’s Head so she must do it. This storyline is wearing on me. I need something new to happen. Alfred and Tabitha cause a pretty clever distraction so they can acquire the knife they need to kill Ra’s. Selina decides to side with Barbara and Tabitha and leaves Bruce/Alfred in the dust. Ouch.

Riddler’s identity crisis continues. He tries to repress the Edward persona that is inside him. He goes to see Penguin and makes a deal with him. He tells him he knows that Leslie is using him. Penguin is ecstatic. Jim and Bullock are interviewing the bank manager trying to figure out the next spot the robbers are going to hit. She said they moved all of their assets to a secure location. Jim immediately has an idea about the next move.

The League of Shadows drama continue. Selina gives them the knife. She thinks their plan of attack is terrible and she decides to bail. Barbara then uses her flashlight hand to summon Ra’s. Ra’s and his crew arrive to confront Barbara. She tries to distract him and then stabs him. Nothing happens and then Ra’s quickly stabs her. She then uses the Demon’s Head to go back in time. It seems that is the power of the Demon’s Head…she can reverse time. It happens again as he threatens Tabitha and then cuts her throat. She is laying on the floor dead when Barbara goes back in time…again. She offers to give Ra’s the Demon’s Head if he doesn’t harm her friends. Ra’s Al Ghul is completely resurrected and it appears Barbara is now just a nightclub owner. Interesting turn of this storyline. I can say I’m happy Barbara doesn’t have the Demon’s Head anymore.

Betrayal is the name of the game at Gotham Loans and Savings. Riddler turns on Leslie and tells him he is siding with Butch and Penguin. We then get a predicted double cross as Riddler was just using Penguin and Butch and he locks them inside the vault. It appears that a nice relationship is slowly developing between Riddler and Leslie. Riddler takes the money and runs while Leslie causes a distraction by going outside and turning herself into Jim.   

Nightclub owner Barbara is sadly mopping the floor. Tabitha is grateful that Barbara saved her life. The women of the LOS arrive and tell Barbara she is worthy. They tell Barbara that they will follow her from now until their deaths and beyond. Seems that Barbara is still special…even without the Demon’s Head.

Bruce and Selina are planning their next move and about to share a tender moment when Ra’s himself arrives. Ra’s just wants to talk. He tells Bruce he had a vision of a cataclysmic event that is coming to Gotham. It will change everything and it will create Bruce. It will mold him into a dark knight of Gotham. Excellent quote to end this episode. 

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX. 

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