Geek & Sundry launches new game series in virtual reality

A new series from Geek & Sundry allows the user to play along.

Founded by Felicia Day, Geek & Sundry is a go-to place for fans of gaming and pop culture.

From the highly acclaimed talk show Tabletop with Wil Wheaton to the web series Live Action Role Plays, the Geek & Sundry website has content for everyone. Any fan of geek culture and gaming can find something to catch their eye.

Catch the Dungeons & Dragons podcast Critical Role on iTunes, or you can watch the cast play the game live, Thursdays at 7 p.m. Pacific Time on Twitch.

Now Your Turn, the newest series from this site, is shot in VR 180 and gives the viewer a seat at the table alongside famous Geek & Sundry personalities like Ivan Van Norman and Becca Scott. Now Your Turn can be viewed via Google Cardboard VR headsets or from the YouTube VR app. Additional episodes will premiere every Friday.

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The first episode features the game You’ve Got Crabs, from the maker Exploding Kittens.
Robert Watts, co-founder of Light Sail, a Los Angeles-based VR Production Company, says “Rather than simply watching a live game, the viewer has the opportunity to sit across from their favorite Geek & Sundry hosts and feel like they are playing the games with them.”

Geek & Sundry’s seventh annual International Tabletop Gaming Day, on April 28, 2018, will bring together hundreds of thousands of players through live gatherings, charity fundraisers and online events.

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