Earth Day: 10 environmentally conscious celebrities you should know about

It seems like celebrities are constantly using their fame to endorse good causes. One type of cause that's close to the heart of many a star? Protecting the environment.

From the preservation of wildlife to the preservation of the world's oceans; from sustainable solar energy to climate change prevention; from renewable energy resources to deforestation, celebrities have been involved in it all, using their influence as a platform to increase awareness of causes that are often virtually unknown to the general public.

earth day

The influence of a celebrity can elevate an environmental issue to a moral imperative. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio, who sent social media spiraling with posts about global warming after he used his highly anticipated Academy Award acceptance speech as a platform to address its perils.

Earth Day on April 22 provides the perfect opportunity to salute those celebs who have dedicated their time, energy and other personal resources to protecting the earth's natural resources.

In honor of Earth Day, click next to see our 10 most environmentally conscious celebrities.

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