'Dear White People' Season 2 trailer released

Dear White People, Season 2, Trailer, released

Dear White People was essentially an enticing interpretation of students of color and their plight as they battle the “post-racial” stereotypes coupled with dicey politics at an Ivy-League college.

And now, Dear White People is gearing up for a Season 2 on May 4 airing on Netflix. Fans of Season One’s 10-episodes got to see a preview of what’s to come for Volume 2 of the series on Wednesday.

The trailer jumps right into one of its “taboo” argument topics that it built its show rhetoric off of, featuring the primary protagonist Samantha White’s type-A personality, who is played by Logan Browning, and her balancing of progressive race with personal relationship with Gabe.

Built on its stereotype branding of its characters to bridge the language of the storytelling and convey the message, the show also tackles law enforcement on campus with colored students, sexuality, striking for justice and rhetorical power versus love in relations.

In the trailer, the show reveals them as: The Halfrican American, The White Whisperer, Che Guevara at Fashion Week, The Black Guy in a White Sitcom, The Mean Gay Dude, The Filmmaker behind “Am I Racist?”, Agatha Shifty, The Cat Lady With No Cats and Kirkland Signature Ann Coulter.

The series will look to pick up right where it left off, creating a comedic, yet dramatic romance about race relations and the politics that are found in it all.

Are you excited for Season 2 of Dear White People? Comment below.

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