Dan Reynolds, lead of Imagine Dragons divorces Aja Volkman

Dan Reynolds, Aja Volkman

Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons has divorced his wife, Aja Volkman, making the announcement Thurs., April 26 on Twitter.

This follows seven years of marriage.

Reynolds and Volkman met in 2010 after jamming out sets at the nightclub Wasted Space in Las Vegas. They started dating afterward, even releasing a joint EP as the duo Egyptian in 2011.

Dan Reynolds said to LA Weekly in 2012, “It seemed that music was the only link we had. But as we got to know each other on a more personal level, we found that we had so many similarities in our hearts that it was scary. I never had met someone who I connected to so instantly. Everything about her captivated me. I needed to know her.”

Aja Volkman, 31, had also stated she felt the same to Las Vegas Weekly in 2013, “I was kind of at a place in my life where I thought, ‘This guy is so cute, but I’m not really interested in meeting anybody right now. But we really just fell in love, and about a year later we ended up getting married and then we had a baby.”

Reynolds and Aja, who is the lead in Nico Vega got married in March 2011, and they have had three daughters, Arrow, 5, and their twins Coco and Gia, who are 12 months old, according to US Magazine.

As of now Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman will be making a change and will probably explore their careers with new voices.

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