Celebrities who have been known to smoke weed

Happy 4/20! It's time for marijuana smokers to celebrate getting high, as today is the unofficial holiday for weed enthusiasts everywhere. To help the celebration along, we've comprised a special list for all the stoners out there.

So who exactly has been getting high in Hollywood ... or maybe the bigger question is who hasn't? It's much more than just Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg.

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There are several celebs who have made their love of weed known; they post it all over Instagram, wear the symbol on their clothing and even mention it in their music. But then there are some who are pretty private about it and have only brought it up once or twice.

Smoke a joint, light a bowl, hit a bong...whatever method you prefer, today is your day, so enjoy it and check which high rollers in Hollywood are getting baked along with you. Not gonna lie, if we could spend today with anyone, it would most likely be James Franco and Seth Rogen.

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