April Fools: Elon Musk isn't sending Jeff Mills to DJ in space

Elon Musk

Sadly, we won't get a Space Concert from Jeff Mills

MixMag posted an article on Sunday titled "Jeff Mills is going to be the first DJ to play in space." The article describes the collaboration between SpaceX designer Elon Musk and the Detroit musician planning a concert in Space.

Upon reading further, you find out it's just an April Fools Joke and Jeff Mills will remain on Earth to DJ.

The article delves into the facts of Musk recruiting Mills because of his radio show that uses music to explore the intricacies of time and space. Musk heard of this and wants to take it a step further. That's true. Jeff Mills works with NASA on this program.

But, it got a little out of hand when a "source close to the project" was quoted as saying "Jeff wanted to bring a full orchestra with him at first. But his favorite bassoon would burst under the pressure of zero gravity, so he’s decided to go vinyl-only."

It included a fake quote from Elon Musk detailing how he wanted "Intergalactic Gary" first but after hearing Mills had an album titled One Man Spaceship, Musk knew he was the right choice.

It all became unfortunate for Mills who reportedly would've played for 12 hours and then return to Earth, where "18 months will have passed in 'real time.'"

The article ends telling us to hold onto more information regarding Mills in Space viewings coming to a city near you.

We aren't holding our breath.

What was your favorite April Fools prank on the internet?

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