Amazon planning to release home robot Vesta in 2019


An Echo on Wheels

Amazon is reportedly developing a home robot named Vesta to be released to consumers next year.

Vesta, named after the Roman goddess for the hearth, home and family, is supposed to be some sort of Artificial Intelligence Assistant. As of now, Amazon won't comment on rumors or speculation.

However, those close to the project say that Vesta could serve as a mobile Echo that can follow users around the home. Prototypes use the same technology of cameras and software that self-driving cars utilize.

Earlier this year, Amazon posted several new job openings for the project, signaling their increased production and faith in the Vesta project.

Amazon hopes to have tests for the projects out by the end of the year. Pending those go smoothly, they would like to see a consumer roll out in 2019.

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Home robots have always been a point of interest for technology companies throughout the years. Though, many do not make it far in the market. There are exceptions such as the vacuuming Roomba and, of course, Amazon's own home assistant Echo.

With the advancements in technology in the fields of advanced cameras and artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly plausible for robots to become a norm for home use.

Though, it is worth noting how much something like this can cost an average consumer. Roombas on the cheap side still cost around $299.99 and that is just for vacuuming. Add in voice recognition and artificial intelligence and Vesta could cost a pretty penny.

Though, maybe with an Amazon Prime subscription, at least you'll get free shipping.

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What do you think of Vesta? Would you buy a home robot?

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