A Court of Thorns and Roses [Book Review]

court of thorns and roses

Sarah J. Maas new novellas make this series a must read once again.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses is the first book in an epic fantasy series of the same name from author Sarah J. Mills.

The original book came out in 2015 and has two more books: A Court of Mist and Fury and A Court of Wings and Ruin.

A novella that bridges the gap between the events that happened and the ones that will happen in the later part of the series will be released on May 1, 2018. The books are produced by Bloomsbury Publishing and have had much acclaim since their release.

I was late starting to read this series, having read the first book in early 2018. At the time of this review, I am in the middle of the third book in this series, more than halfway done in fact.

The plot follows a huntress named Feyre (Fay-ruh), a 19-year-old human who kills a wolf in the woods. What Feyre is not expecting is for a creature to show up at her family’s door, and demand retribution for the deed.


Tamlin (Tam-lin) the male creature known as “one of the most lethal faeries who once ruled the human world,” kidnaps Feyre. As Feyre is getting to know Tamlin better, the feelings of ice coldness that she once had for him become more passionate and heated, but what Feyre does not know is that Tamlin is lying to her.

As Feyre learns more and more about the fae culture, and the world that she now lives in, she must find a way to stop the upcoming war or doom Tamlin and his world to be forever controlled by another ruling Court; i.e., loss of all freedoms.

One of the best things about this book is the fact that Feyre is a heroine who is not afraid to speak her mind. Usually, in high fantasy series where the leading lady is typically the damsel in distress, it is refreshing to see Feyre speak her mind and not hold anything back. Tamlin is not a great character, but you do start to feel for him as he lies to the reader and to the woman that he claims to love.

The other marvelous aspect of this book is the world building. It might be the fact that I have not read a ton of fantasy stories, but I was so impressed with the amount of detail that went into the universe where the book takes place. Maas really takes you into the mythical world, and once you are into the story, it is the kind of place that you do not want to leave.

I also loved the pacing of the book. Some parts of it were slow, but this was only because Maas offers details that become important later. The action scenes and the fast-paced sections of the novel are fantastic; the way that Maas writes an action sequence or a fast-paced scene in the book is like no other.

Are you a fan of this series? Let us know below!

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