5 things you should know about Michael Kiwanuka

A London musician who masterfully blends the best of soul and blues.

Michael Kiwanuka hit the scene in 2012 with Home Again and made waves in 2016 with Love & Hate. 

Michael Kiwanuka
Credit: YouTube

In his music, Kiwanuka handles vocals and guitar. Once you start his album Love & Hate his style perfectly defines itself. It opens with Cold Little Heart which begins with drawn-out instrumentals that you can listen and melt into. It truly captures the tragedy of the song itself: a man who tries to pull himself together, but ultimately knows he may not be able to truly change.

Kiwanuka tackles many similar themes in the vein of blues, such as being a black man struggling in a white man's world or losing his love and becoming hopeless. His guitar matches his emotion every step of the way.

If you haven't, give Love & Hate a listen and click next to check out these 5 facts about Michael Kiwanuka!

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