Sufjan Stevens: 5 Surprising Facts

Sufjan Stevens has become widely known for his recent work in Call Me By Your Name, spawning hundreds of tearful vlogs across Facebook and YouTube and earning the musician an Oscar nomination. you are, the tearful last scene by the searingly talented Timothee Chalamet...

Happy now?

Sufjan Stevens was born in 1975 in Detroit Michigan and currently lives in New York City. He is an American singer-songwriter who has been making albums since 2000.

Stevens has an extremely broad range and has released many different types of albums over the years. Check them out:

  • Two albums named after states: Michigan and Illinois
  • A collection of biblical songs: Seven Swans
  • An electric album for the animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Enjoy Your Rabbit
  • Two boxed sets of Christmas Music which is 10 albums: Songs for Christmas Vol 1-5 and Silver & Gold Vol 6-10
  • A programmatic-toned love poem for the Brooklyn Queens Expressway: The BQE
  • An EP: All Delighted People
  • A collection of songs partly inspired by the Outsider artist, Royal Robertson: The Age of Adz and an album about love given or love forsaken: Carrie & Lowell.

More recently, Stevens has several songs on the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack, including "Mystery Of Love."

Last year he managed to cause a little controversy with no less a personage than Tonya Harding with the release of a song named after her.

But Sufjan isn't just a recently bedazzled musician! There's a lot more to him.

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