Tekken 7: Love, revenge and pride wrapped in an epic fighting game [REVIEW]

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Introducing finest Tekken experience to hardcore fight lovers

Bandai Namco Entertainment has earned my respect as it has given us one of the most epic and well-scripted fighting game yet with Tekken 7. The game is developed by a keen-minded hardcore fight lover but is also delightful for any newbie. Keeping in mind the extra elegant actions, for which Tekken series is popular, this version has kept its tradition alive. Tekken 7 is just full of dramatic scenes, high-quality visuals and perfect actions with a blend of advanced technology and features. This game is first in the series, to make use of unreal engine which also makes it proficient enough to give you the best gaming experience.

Perfection in scripting, visuals and action takes Tekken 7 up a level from other arcade editions

Tekken 7 offers jaw-dropping arcade experience with its extra efficient class and speed at its finest. The game is just full of dramatic threats, as the hardcore fights don't allow you to even blink your eyes -  you never know what will happen next.  If you do miss a second, you will probably be killed, and the shock you are left in is the most effective part of this game. But Tekken 7 has created any situation that would prove to be a bitter pill for gamers. New features, next level character customizations, and high-quality graphics will surely give you goosebumps on all platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Arcade games).

Cinematic experience, new additions and efficient performance can just make you fall in love with Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is, however, being criticized for not doing many changes or additions. Personally, I feel like if this game doesn’t make you cherish its depth, then nothing will. I  will say there is something lacking in single player content, but it will not be an obstacle between great arcade experience and you! The character customization has been brought to an epic level and some of the new additions that were made are just impressive.

Rage Arts/Drives and Power Crushers are welcome new features in the game that can make you go wow. The rage art is one of the best moves to poke your opponents that can be played when your health is 25 percent or lower, which allows the character to play a cinematic and highly destructive move. The lower the health, the stronger the rage art attack will be.

We can conclude that Tekken 7 is totally a heartwarming game with powerpack actions, features and cinematic drama that should be tried.

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