Sick Day! Must-watch films for when you're home sick

Originally published Feb. 22, 2014

The weather is finally starting to look up, but unfortunately, the majority of us are stuck inside sick from the recent flu epidemic. No need to fret. The advantage to being stuck in bed sick is the opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows and watch movies.

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Photo by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

You may want to cheer yourself up with a childhood favorite or throw in something new. Maybe today is the perfect opportunity to just put on an old favorite that takes three hours because hey, you don’t have anywhere else to be. Take the time to relax and heal, and enjoy yourself, because it’s back to work sooner than you think.

So, be it Disney or horror, romance or science fiction, we’ve gathered an extensive list of films that are great to watch if you’re currently stuck in bed with the flu. So lie back, cuddle up with your favorite blanket, eat some chicken noodle soup, and feel better!

What’s your favorite movie to watch when you’re sick? Let us know in the comments below!

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