Penguin Selfies, cute and oddly intriguing, taken in Antarctica

Penguin Selfie

Watch out, Penguins have learned to take selfies!

Penguins took a selfie at Australia's Mawson research station in Antarctica. The emperor penguins while examing the camera, took a picture. It can make one wonder if they know what they're doing. But probably not.

Expeditioner Eddie Gault caught the video with the well-placed camera (although this was partially unintended). He works with the Australian Antarctic Division, part of Australia's department of environment and energy.

The agency said Gault, "left the camera on the ice when visiting the rookery, and it didn’t take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie," according to USA Today.

The Australian Antartic division as part of its work researches Emperor Penguins to learn more about penguins life and survival, and how humanity affects their life and survival chances.

Emperor Penguins are adapted to the cold due to their tough feathers and small bills with tight nasal chambers, have extra fat and huddle which means they're the only non-territorial species of penguin.

Colonies can be from a few hundred to over 20,000 pairs. Their conservation status is near threatened, according to the Austrailian Antartic Division.

Although Penguins may not pass the mirror test like crows or magpie, they are birds. Maybe they were aware of the reflection of themselves on the screen, or that the screen was something worth looking at.

Also, there is the question - why did they press the button to shoot the shot?

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