Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne: Budding romance nipped in the bud?

Paris Jackson, MTV Video Music Awards

Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne have officially confirmed they are dating.

Last month it was confirmed that Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne are officially dating. And even though the news has been buzzing about their relationship for months, only just now have they “gone public” with their budding romance.

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Not everyone is as happy with this recent relationship, however. For example, Jackson’s grandparents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, reported to Hollywood Gossip that they are not happy with and do not approve of Jackson’s relationship with Delevingne.

Is there a legitimate reason for this opinion or is this just how people of their generation think? Jackson’s grandparents feel that a relationship should be between and man and a woman, and the fact that Jackson is dating a woman seems to mortify them.

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In a world where the motto is YOLO (you only live once), we say go for it, girl.

Paris Jackson, only 19 years old, struggles with addiction, And back in 2013, she attempted suicide. When a recent Instagram story of what appears to be Jackson smoking marijuana was posted, the comments started flooding in –– most of them were not the nicest. This is another reason why people, including her grandparents, do not think she should date Delevingne, who may be a bad influence on her. While Delevingne does enjoy parting, however, there have been no indications that drinking or drugs are a part of her life, only Jackson’s.

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But Jackson is not listening to her grandparents on this one; she going to follow her heart, which appears to be dating Delevingne.

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