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Protein, protein, protein

Eat more protein, high protein diet, protein-rich foods. Whether it's doctors, friends or even eavesdropping on strangers we've all heard about how we need to increase the amount of protein in our diets.

Unfortunately, when one hears the mantra, it's about chicken and fish and vegetables and whole grains. Not really on-the-go type food. How are we getting out steps in and cooking a healthy dinner to boot?

In the past getting protein from a shake or powder meant cleaning out the blender, chalky aftertastes and, let's be honest, an upset stomach.

That's why we gave OWYN's non-dairy plant-based protein‎ shakes and powders a try.

The shakes were easy.  Pop 'em open and voila! easy protein.

From chocolate to cold brew coffee to basic vanilla the shakes cover the basic flavors and are easy to use, taste great and get you through the morning, mid-day slump, pre and post-workout alike. No need to refrigerate these, so they travel well.

But it's the powder that was more impressive. Looking at the instructions, we hesitated expecting the long to-do to make it drinkable and found it only needed water.

The fact it actually tasted good with just water was even better.

It's powder, it needs some serious shaking, and we did shake. A blender and berries helped. But they aren't necessary. We even tried them with hot water and got protein-rich hot chocolate and coffee (yes, the coffee flavors have caffeine too!).

The powder also comes in vanilla, matcha, strawberry-banana and tropical flavors.

Each shake, premade or powder, contains 20 grams of protein. Sounds like a lot? To put that number in perspective, one egg has 6 grams of protein and a slice of bacon has 3 grams, so breakfast would be 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon. Or you can grab an OWYN shake and go!

Did we mention both products come chock full of green veggies like organic kale, broccoli, spinach? The powder actually has a full serving of veggies. Talk about a meal in a glass!

This vegan protein contains no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no egg, no peanuts, no tree nuts, no fish and no shellfish, and the production area testing is done by third parties so you know you're safe with OWYN. So safe that they have a national partnership with FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).

Buy OWYN protein shakes and powders at your local Vitamin Shoppe, online at OWYN and even with your regular stock up order on Jet.com!

So the next time you hear about adding protein to your diet, you'll be able to say 'Did it!' with OWYN.

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