Ninja, ES Sports Arena Vegas teaming up for battle royale contest

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Ninja's notoriety and acclaim have grown substantially since his squads’ team up with Drake on Fortnite a week ago.

And now he is teaming up with ES Sports Arena Vegas to bring a gaming contest to its 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art gaming facility inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on April 21.

The details to this contest are still unfolding, including the details as to what game will be played—Fortnite seems to be the game that fans are hinting at, especially because that’s the game Ninja is best at currently.

The grand prize is $50,000, with each game worth $5,000 each and $2,500 going to the winner of the match. For each game he wins, $2,500 will go to a charity of Ninja's choice and the bounty will just roll over to the next game.

The details are still trickling in with ES Sports Arena Vegas saying they will be releasing that info soon.

Are you excited about Ninja and ESports Arena Vegas’ live gaming contest? Comment below.

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