Five Technologies Transforming the World Too Fast for Older People To Keep Up

From robot cars to hyper fast cloud apps to artificial intelligence saturating EVERYTHING, Crazy transformative technology is everywhere

And its happening at a speed so fast that its creating a revolutionary divide between the generations. An entire generation is in the practice of trying not to confuse older people with how basic communication works in the modern world.

For example, how many times have you had to ask (or be asked) if someone knows what an 'app' or a 'social media platform' is before you tried to explain whats on your mind.

And thats only one important area where older people cannot keep up

1. Virtual Reality: Check out the Occulus Go VR headset


Oculus Go is a self-contained VR set and there's no need for an external device. It's just you and the device. It's priced at $199, is a user-friendly interface VR and could come out this May. Also to mention since its a standalone VR, you can play VR where ever you go.

The Oculus Go is a big thing in digital tech because of its affordability and is the first of such designs that will be seen more as they are repeated in the future. This most likely will evolve in Gaming. Think about Playstation releasing its systems via VR (self-contained), and if they're going to appeal to consumers, they got to be affordable.

Although the standards of the VR experience is set low, it kind of doesn't matter if that's what tons of people are going to use. Also, the Oculus Go can be improved upon, according to Polygon.

2. Rise of the Robots: Check out Waymo self-driving car tech

Now that Self Driving Vehicles have their first kill, people are paying attention to robots on the streets.

According to the literature, Waymo (originally Google's self-driving car project) is the automated car driving of the future.

Waymo's self-driving cars use lidar and other sensors allowing for hands-free, and feet free driving.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik states that Waymo's sensors give vehicles a 360-degree real-time map of where you are driving. The Lasers (lidar) detect in 3D and spot anything about 300 meters away. Also the tech can around vehicles, top, bottom, and side to side, which can come in handy if say, someone is leaking vital car fluid in the lane next to you or if they're about to get smashed by another car, which you normally would not be able to see beforehand until it's too late, according to Tech Radar.

In fact, Waymo and CEO Krafcik are confident in their tech, with Krafcik commenting about the Uber crash in Arizona, "What happened in Arizona obviously was a tragedy. It was terrible. You couldn't watch that video and not be impacted by it. We're very confident that our car could have handled that situation. We know that for a lot of different reasons. It's what we have designed this system to do in situations just like that," according to Forbes.

Waymo has made the most progress in a short time, and it will probably be the self-driving tech we will most often see on the street. This is the future of driving ( personally, I like the feeling of control with the hands on the wheel), but just imagine having a driving office. That is what is going to be next.


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