Firefox launches Facebook Container extension to keep your data safe

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After the events with Cambridge Analytica, Firefox offers a way to make sure your Facebook data stays safe.

The browser Firefox, from Mozilla, now offers an extension called Facebook Container giving users a way to use Facebook and still protect the data that they don't want the social platform to have.

Mozilla says their new extension helps you control more of your web activity from Facebook by "isolating your identity into a separate container." This makes it more difficult for Facebook to track your activity on other websites through third-party cookies. Of course, this also means that Facebook cannot send you targeted advertising through that activity.

Jeff Griffiths, who is the Product Lead for Firefox explains that “Containers are a feature built into the Firefox platform that separates user cookies and site data into different cookie jars.”

He adds, “For Facebook Container specifically, this means that a user should only be able to login in the Facebook Container. Facebook cookies and site data that identify the user are only available to that Container, and only Facebook can be open in that Container,” he says.

Basically, when you install this new extension, it deletes your cookies, and it logs you out of the social network. The next time that you open the social network, you will notice that it is in a blue colored “container” tab. From within this tab, you may use Facebook as normal.

However, if you click on a link, it will take you off the Facebook Container extension, and it will load the URL out of Facebook Container.

On the other hand, if you click on any share buttons outside of Facebook, those will load into Facebook Container. One should note that this will share the information about the site you shared from, so be warned when you press the share button on other sites.

Within Facebook Container, a user might not be able to log into third-party apps with your Facebook credentials, and the embedded Facebook comments, as well as the Likes that you see around the web, will not work either.

Mozilla has been working with the technology for years, but they expedited it after Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Tools such as this are great because they give you more privacy, but you will not need to delete your Facebook account if you do not wish.

Will you be or are you already using the Firefox Facebook Container extension?

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