Elton John's 'Revamp' drops on April 6, here's why you need to get it

This must-have collection fuses past and present

Elton John has announced the release of a new album called Revamp, but this one is a little different than most albums.

Revamp will feature classic Elton John songs covered by several famous artists like Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, Alessia Cara and many more.

elton john, revamp

The album will be some of our favorites from the legendary singer, but the fact that we'll be hearing it in the styles and the voices of some the biggest artists of our generation will be something that shouldn't be missed.

"It's always a huge compliment when an artist loves your song enough to take the time and effort to rework it," John said.

"As songwriters, Bernie [Taupin] and myself are thrilled when singers we admire and respect as much as those on Revamp choose to add their own unique twist in the process."

"It means that our music is still relevant and ultimately that our songs continue to reach new audiences. We're humbled and thank them all for their generosity."

The album is set to come out on April 6, and we're here to explain why you need to hear it.

We've made a list of each artist featured on the album, the classic song they will be covering, and why they are perfect for that song.

Hit next to start the list!

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