'Dragon Ball Super' film teaser trailer; 'Legends' game info released

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is all fans can talk about right now. And the first ever Dragon Ball Super film fed that appetite accordingly with the release of the first Dragon Ball Super teaser trailer for the Dragon Ball series’ 20th film in the franchise.

The trailer shows Goku jumping up and down, readying himself to take on a mysterious character who is located on the top of a mountain powering up. All that’s seen from his appearance is a green aura surrounding him, his raging eyes, and a fury section of his body—signaling that he’s possibly a Saiyan.

A possible identity was established for the mysterious character in the presentation at the Dragon Ball Legends and Bandai Namco press event Tuesday. At the event, it was revealed that the new Dragon Ball Legends mobile video game would be released in the summer of 2018 with pre-registration beginning Tuesday--and beta testing beginning on Wednesday.

But also, Akira Toryiama’s brand new character design was also revealed as “a Saiyan from a time that’s not Goku’s time,” and the new character was said to debut in the Dragon Ball Legends game.

It has already been stated that there's a connection between the game and the new Super movie. And if you compare the features from the video to the new character, you'll see some similarities which bridge the connection. There's also some differences in regards to the fur coating on the character in the trailer, but that also could be a transformation--who knows as of right now.

Could this be Yamoshi—the original Super Saiyan god; we'll see.

Are you excited for the newest reveal of the Dragon Ball Super teaser trailer and Dragon Ball Legends video game? Comment below.

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