Dragon Ball Super: 5 takeaways from episode 129

Dragon Ball Super is raising the bar and amplifying the intensity as each minute ticks off the clock for the Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Super

And Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power arc has reached its apex for ‘what the heck just happened’ moments.

I mean everything from Goku going straight overkill on the god-mode, to Jiren cracking a smile, which seemed more improbable to see than a Kanye West grin and Beerus actually praising someone—and it being Goku of all people.

But even more than that, there are a few things that stand out about episode 129 of Super that puts some things into perspective for the final two episodes of the Tournament of Power and the Dragon Ball series at large.

So here are five takeaways from episode 129 of Dragon Ball Super—you’ll want to see this.

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