'Call Me By Your Name': Watch the '80s rom com version

Call Me by Your Name

What if 'Call Me By Your Name' was an '80s romantic comedy? Watch the fan-made trailer here.

Call Me By Your Name has been one of the most successful films of this past year, receiving critical acclaim and numerous awards (including an Oscar!).

The film is set in 1980 northern Italy and while watching it, we can't help but wonder: what if this was made in the 80's?

Thanks to one talented fan, we don't have to wonder anymore. Set to come out in summer 1983, Call Me is the story of Elio, a typical guy "who can't get a girl." Oliver is a "not-so-typical" grad student.

It's a story of polar opposites who become unlikely friends. Yes, friends because what's a 1980's movie without straight washing?

In the description, the creator shares his inspiration behind the trailer. “Call Me By Your Name was probably my favourite movie this year, and as a gay guy, I kept thinking about how much I wish we’d had a movie like it when I was growing up,”

“But then I realised that it’s probably better that it wasn’t made back then.”

Some things are just perfect the way they are, you know? Check out the trailer here:

What are your thoughts on Call Me By Your Name being an 80's movie?


‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Northern Italy, romance and peaches [REVIEW]

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