Augmented Reality makes Walmart shoppers become Marvel’s Black Panther

With the help of augmented reality, Walmart shoppers can become the Black Panther

Walmart is promoting an app that will take the user into the world of Black Panther via augmented reality, wearing the mask of the Black Panther as they encounter animated versions of the characters in the film.

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To use the new app (for both IOS and Android), all you need to do is go to a local Walmart and scan the promotional displays found in the store. These displays are found in the toy aisles, perfect placement for product promotion.

As you would expect, the app pales in comparison to the epicness of the film. The biggest drawbacks so far include the user having to mark the floor manually to place the characters in their space and the mask sometimes causing the app to freeze when it is in low light.

Despite those drawbacks, this app does a decent job for people that are looking for another way to enjoy the world of Black Panther.

With Black Panther's record-breaking success, it's clear this film from Marvel Studios doesn’t need to depend on augmented reality to break box-office records, but this app is a win for the world of Marvel. Fans will truly be able to say “Wakada Forever.”

Are you going to install this app when it comes out? Let us know below!

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